OMG Southwestern Kale & Quinoa Vegan Burger


This weekend I was craving meat…

On the sunny walk home through the snow my tummy was rumbling to a higher frequency…one that only a real man-burger could fill.

Or rather, a southwestern kale & quinoa burger. High in protein, great meaty texture and amazing flavour.

Unapologetically messy, satisfying and definitely requiring two hands to eat.

The ‘OMG’ is very necessary in describing this burger… paired with avocado lime sauce it provides an oh-wow moment upon first bite. (more…)

Green-Queen Power Ceasar Salad {vegan}



Known for their luxurious creaminess and beautiful tang. Loved for their gluttony and use of bacon.

An American staple.

Although they may sit pretty next to your bacon cheeseburgers, most ceasar salads don’t have much to boast about nutrition-wise.

Then trusty resourceful vegans came along and created a trillion varieties of plant-based ceasar dressings that not only replicate the bright flavour of the traditional salad, but are nutritionally bountiful! (more…)

Melon Creamsicle Green Smoothie


Drive-Thru chocolate frosty’s with a long plastic spoon.

Orange creamsicle by the pool on a hot summers day.

–These are the daydreams that come to mind as I enjoy my frosty green smoothie on this lovely morning. Here I sit decked out in flannel from head to toe, wool slippers and a fleece house coat to boot. It may be -15 out yonder, but that doesn’t matter inside my delicious creamsicle smoothie bowl.

Creamy, with the classic flavours of vanilla and citrus, this just might be the perfect twist on your go-to breakfast smoothie. (more…)

Sweet & Creamy Curry Everything Dressing {vegan}


The name says it all; luxuriously creamy curry dressing with a pleasantly sweet tang. Lip-smackingly-good!

This gal is currently making the slow transition to 95% vegan (perfection is daunting),  over here and having so much fun doing it!  To some people, the thought of adapting a vegan lifestyle all about restrictions and discipline.  A year ago that would be me too.  But now I see it as opening my eyes to not only a healthier way of life, but a more creative and exciting way to prepare food. When the main part of your meal doesn’t include animal product, it allows you to get craftier than you may have in the past. Your imagination can truly run wild with ways to make plant based meals taste and look amazing. Even more so, it is incredibly gratifying to share your nutritious foods with your family- and have them ask for seconds. (more…)

Apple Flax Granola Muffins {vegan, GF}

cran 6cran3

Cinnamon-kissed, packed with tart apple chunks and crunchy granola- these powerful muffins are a delicious way to fiber up!

I have been treading lightly on the muffin making lately, after producing my fair share of flavoured card board. Although sometimes I think I can just  throw any type of flour plus some dried fruit and call it a muffin masterpiece, the baking gods have other plans in mind 😉

The more creative I get in the kitchen, the more disasters that tend to occur- but this also leads to some pretty awesome ‘AHA’ moments too! Nothing ventured nothing gained right? (more…)

Raw-ckin’ Taco Salad with Smoky Tahini Dressing

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Spicy and smoky walnut ‘taco meat’ compliments a crunchy salad drizzled in a creamy tahini dressing.

Wakeup your winter lunch routine! Enough of those soups already…

Up until a couple weeks ago, if you asked me what ‘walnut meat’ was I would have assumed walnut crusted beef. But no. It is a thing. It is a marvellous thing that raw foodies like to do to enjoy gorgeous Mexican tacos sans creepy ground beef. (more…)

Outrageously Crunchy Broccoli Slaw with Sesame Ginger Dressing


I’m about to make you crave raw broccoli in ways you probably never thought possible.

Crunchy, crispy, tangy, nutty with bursts of sweet acidity, this salad has everything you want in a slaw. But what better way to get your super greens in then covering it in a nutty sesame dressing.

Although its usually served cooked because of its ‘tough’ tendencies, raw broccoli is bursting with health benefits just waiting to be taken advantage of- (more…)

Fudgy Cacao-Coconut Cookies

coo 035                     It is with wide open arms that I welcome back my chocolate addiction. After my guiltless Christmas blitz of lindor’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner I said tootleoo to chocolate for a little while. (Terrible decision, I know).

Although the separation brought on initial anxiety and withdrawal, I was able to push through a month or so without calling on my dark, rich and tasty friend for comfort. I had less cravings, slept easier and my tummy felt great. Life was good. But I missed my dear friend. (more…)

Apple Nachos + Raw Salted Caramel Sauce

161141144An all natural, plant based, and mouthwatering caramel sauce to smother your apples with morning noon and night

“Expect Nothing, Experience Everything” – My motto for the beautiful month of February! Monday evening here, coming off a sugar high from the most rad birthday weekend a gal could ask for. This past Sunday I turned 24 and was elated to spend the weekend being pampered with gifts, love and attention by family and friends. (more…)

Raspberry-Apple Tart with Almond Crumble Topping (GF, Vegan)

053b 105         Crumble Topping.. Crumble Topping…Crumble Topping…

Do I have your attention yet? Ain’t no thang like enjoying your favourite fruits in pie form, adorned with a crunchy, cinnamon-kissed almond topping. This raspberry-tart offers all of the simple pleasures of mama’s Sunday pie, without the butter, refined sugar, and white flour. (more…)