Welcome friends and food gawkers!

My name is Meredith and  my first hope is to inspire you with heaps of fresh and clean, savory and sweet, nutritional, approachable, and FUN ideas to whip up for yourself or your family.

A 23 year old food and nutrition obsessed, puppy stalker, I am a sucker for all things sweet and cuddly. I LiVE for the delicious moments in life, and believe that cooking should not only be about satisfying that belly but nourishing your mind and spirit.

Food has been the focus in my life since I can remember, an obsession from a young age.  Growing up body-conscious , this confronted me with more struggles than opportunities. As I grew older I learned how to use my passion as a creative outlet for my mind, a way of bringing friends and family together, and a focus for my career. Along the way one of the most important lessons I have  taught myself is how to be healthy in mind body and spirit while still enjoying freedom to eat what you love. A love for yourself and your body unconditionally is something that can take half a lifetime to find. A lot of that starts with a healthy relationship with food.

On this blog you will find a crazy mix of home cooking comforts, workout fuel, gourmet bites, detoxing recipes, all with one thing in common- they are good for you. I’m all about the FEEL GOOD FOOD that not only goes down smoothly but puts that pep in your step so you can go about your day with energy.


  • i studied hotel and food administration in university, and will start studying holistic nutrition in September
  • i’m a wannabe yogi, photographer, entrepreneur
  • i like to dance and rap while i cook
  • iv probably only been ‘not hungry’ twice in my life
  • i consider chocolate one of my good friends
  • i hate sports except ones that take place on snow or in water
  • i read a book a week
  • dogs bring me to happy tears, but cats hate me
  • i listen to 90% hip hop, 5% joni mitchell, 5% justin bieber
  • when i cook, i use my hands in place of tongs, spoons, knives, oven mitts, and spatulas
  • i have little feeling left in my hands




  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your blog looks…. umm…. DELICIOUS! It’s ridiculous but I am literally salivating right now. We could be best friends just by sharing love for puppies, wine and food! Haha!

    I wish you all the best and can’t wait to try out some of your recipies. *I seriously suck at coming up with new things, not that I can’t but because for some odd reason I stick with the same cooking most of the times!!!*


    1. Hey Olena!
      Thanks for checking our Peachy Clean 🙂 I’m glad your taste bud’s were inspired…we can definitely help each other out because I am hopeless when it comes to anything fitness related- and it seems you have it all figured out! I don’t have access to a gym right now so anything I can do at home is KEY. I have 3 of the youtube links that you posted for different workouts bookmarked already for the afternoon, so we’ll see how that goes. Your blog is very inspirational and informational for someone looking to learn how to incorporate fitness into their life. Keep it up!

      take care,


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