Crunchy Apple Crisp Granola

apple2apple1You know when you make an apple crisp, and you start to pick off the crunchy top first, and wonder who needs the apple filling anyways?

I could eat that crumble topping for lunch. Its the dangerous and irresistible crisp factor that occurs when you meld butter and cinnamon and oats. Its rare and almost only happens when your making an apple crumble so you have to savour it. (more…)

Clean Apple Spice Muffins with Crunchy Oat Topping

new muffin


Gluten free baked goods are a fine art.

I have yet to  master the mysterious witchcraft of combining different flours and oils to create a delicious wheat-free product. After many attempts with coconut flour, and one too many disappointing muffins later I have almost sworn off of experimentation.