baked goods

Pomegranate Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies {vegan}


Rich dark┬áchocolate chunks amidst an oatmeal cookie base dabbled with tangy bursts of POM! Wowee now that’s a cookie I can get down with.

I have been romantic with pomegranates TOO long┬áto not have enjoyed them with dark chocolate. They practically get married in these cookies. Every bite gets a taste of the dazzling combo. (more…)

Skinny Mini Banana Brownie Muffins {GF}

IMG_9219 IMG_9269IMG_9259These mini chocolate bombs taste like a dark rich brownie, but eat like a muffin- ya got me?

The dark rich chocolate flavour is definitly satisfactory for every brownie fan but the dense crumby interior is what makes them muffin territory. I had every intention of creating a healthy two- bite brownie today. But the baking gods had other plans. The banana that was initially used as a natural sweetener, gave the brownies the most delightful banana chocolate muffin taste that cant be ignored. (more…)

Roasted Banana Loaf with Quinoa & Dark Chocolate

IMG_9056IMG_9094IMG_9082Warm and aromatic banana loaf lightly sweetened with maple syrup and roasted bananas. The nuttyness from the quinoa pairs perfectly with the roasty banana flavour and intense dark chocolate.

This banana bread tastes like the ultimate decadence, but is lower fat than the usual, and packs a protein punch with greek yogurt and quinoa. You probably wouldn’t think quinoa would improve the texture of your baked good, but in this case its the shining star. Each itty bitty seed provides surprise moisture and tenderness. (more…)