Roasted Garlic Falafel Bites {baked}

008027Day 5 of my snowed-in retreat. Being fun-employed and stuck at home in this January slop has its perks.

…Like watching Ellen in your penguin housecoat

Creating an at home spa; bubble bath and candles included

‘Research’. aka excessive pintrist perusing

And ofcourse endless amount of time messing up the kitchen. Yesterdays exciting project was mastering the Healthy Falafel. Oh yes. and because I had copious amounts of time on my hand I roasted the garlic to put in said falafel bites. Did it make a huge difference in taste? I’m not going to say yes. But do not be shy on the garlic regardless.

These are the perfect little balls of convenient protein, fiber and tastiness. Baked not fried,  the texture is lightly crunchy on the outside and soft and smooth on the inside. The flavour is zesty, garlic-y and lightly seasoned with parsley. If you are a fan of traditional falafel, which usually comes deep fried, tossed in a huge white pita and smothered with some sort of magic mayo sauce…you will chomp these healthy counterparts happily 🙂 (more…)

No-Fail Rosemary Garlic Sweet Potato Chips

IMG_9476 IMG_9448IMG_9461HOLY GUAC

Its like the majestic potato chip and the sweet potato fry just had a beautiful offspring.

These  sweet potato chips are a harmonious flavour of sweet, salty, and fresh herb. They are a kettle chip minus the deep fryer and transfats. They are a healthy chip. Praise the heavens. (more…)

Chewy Coconut Almond Cashew Cookies {GF}

IMG_9142 IMG_9116 IMG_9104Tender nutty morsels, chewy at first bite. These coconut sensations are something to sing about. Put me in a corner with 5 of these and a tall crips glass of almond milk and I am a happy camper.

If coconut cravings flow through your veins, these healthy little cookies are your cup of tea. They radiate coconut, but not in a macaroon kinda way. The almonds and cashews provide perfect company, blended up with the coconut to give you  a buttery creamy cookie. You’ll freak. (more…)

Roasted Banana Loaf with Quinoa & Dark Chocolate

IMG_9056IMG_9094IMG_9082Warm and aromatic banana loaf lightly sweetened with maple syrup and roasted bananas. The nuttyness from the quinoa pairs perfectly with the roasty banana flavour and intense dark chocolate.

This banana bread tastes like the ultimate decadence, but is lower fat than the usual, and packs a protein punch with greek yogurt and quinoa. You probably wouldn’t think quinoa would improve the texture of your baked good, but in this case its the shining star. Each itty bitty seed provides surprise moisture and tenderness. (more…)

Healthy Honey-Almond Zucchini Loaf


Okay so i’ve taken my love for baking to the extremes lately,

Baking up a new batch of brownies or crumble 3 times a week.. Attempting to put said batch in the freezer so itl ‘last longer’ when really I just like the taste of frozen treats. This would be totally forgivable if I lived in an apartment with 5 guys, or I was kind enough to share with neighbors next door.  But no. Its just me and my equally sweet-toothed boyfriend Tom here, enjoying the belt-straining fruits of my labour.

Perhaps it was the craving for a slightly healthier baked treat, that gave me the inspiration to create this beautiful zucchini loaf. I knew I wanted there to be flour in it, but I didn’t want it loaded with sugar and oil like most breads. The consistency and texture had be considered ‘normal’, or I would most likely scare Tom away from any healthier attempts at baking in the future. Without being sinfully sweet, this loaf is pleasingly flavored with just enough honey to leave you satisfied.


Angelic Oat Flour Berry Banana Bread (GF)

touched by an angel bread

Some people get runners high, I get fresh-baked-good-right-out-of-the-oven- high

Same same but different? In fact I get so excited that I usually do something detrimental to ruin said baked good. Aka take brownies out 15 minutes early, then continue to prod at them with various utensils, until they are barely recognizable. Then theres the cooling wait time. Iv spoiled many a banana breads trying to get them out of the pan seconds after they come out of the oven. This results in crumbly distaster that you have to mold back together with peanut butter, Natures glue.

This banana bread process was no different except now that I am blogging I have to take accountability for my disasters so I tried very hard not to mangle this guy. but OMG is it ever good!

flour- smhour who needs it