Apple Flax Granola Muffins {vegan, GF}

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Cinnamon-kissed, packed with tart apple chunks and crunchy granola- these powerful muffins are a delicious way to fiber up!

I have been treading lightly on the muffin making lately, after producing my fair share of flavoured card board. Although sometimes I think I can just  throw any type of flour plus some dried fruit and call it a muffin masterpiece, the baking gods have other plans in mind 😉

The more creative I get in the kitchen, the more disasters that tend to occur- but this also leads to some pretty awesome ‘AHA’ moments too! Nothing ventured nothing gained right? (more…)

Fudgy Cacao-Coconut Cookies

coo 035                     It is with wide open arms that I welcome back my chocolate addiction. After my guiltless Christmas blitz of lindor’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner I said tootleoo to chocolate for a little while. (Terrible decision, I know).

Although the separation brought on initial anxiety and withdrawal, I was able to push through a month or so without calling on my dark, rich and tasty friend for comfort. I had less cravings, slept easier and my tummy felt great. Life was good. But I missed my dear friend. (more…)

Citrus Cranberry Loaf {vegan}

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Temporarily over anything gluten-free-related.

The overwhelming influx of those two words scattered over everything from recipe books, pizza menus, news paper articles and bakery signs is getting a  little aggravating. I knew we had a problem when my bread-loving father asked me if I had heard of ‘Wheat Belly’. And when Tim Horton’s started selling dried out macaroons in plastic wrappers.  All of this GF infatuation in the food world can be enough to send a girl in a rebellious banana bread tail spin. (more…)

Mini Brown Sugar Plum Tarts


OH the lowly plum! Overshadowed by its little sister the grape and its cousin the mighty apple.

The only time I have eaten plums in my life has been in the form of a german plum streusel cake baked by my Oma. And i’m fairly certain I picked out most of the plums. But hey, they are pretty delicious! Buttery and sweet, they pair perfectly with a crispy pastry and brown sugar sweetness.

Visiting with my Oma last week inspired me to create  a treat that would remind us all over her staple plum squares. As her mobility in the kitchen has declined, her craving for old favorites still comes back in waves. It was a pleasure to bring her a taste of her past cooking conquests that had inspired me so much growing up. (more…)