Healthy Honey-Almond Zucchini Loaf


Okay so i’ve taken my love for baking to the extremes lately,

Baking up a new batch of brownies or crumble 3 times a week.. Attempting to put said batch in the freezer so itl ‘last longer’ when really I just like the taste of frozen treats. This would be totally forgivable if I lived in an apartment with 5 guys, or I was kind enough to share with neighbors next door. ┬áBut no. Its just me and my equally sweet-toothed boyfriend Tom here, enjoying the belt-straining fruits of my labour.

Perhaps it was the craving for a slightly healthier baked treat, that gave me the inspiration to create this beautiful zucchini loaf. I knew I wanted there to be flour in it, but I didn’t want it loaded with sugar and oil like most breads. The consistency and texture had be considered ‘normal’, or I would most likely scare Tom away from any healthier attempts at baking in the future. Without being sinfully sweet, this loaf is pleasingly flavored with just enough honey to leave you satisfied.