OMG Southwestern Kale & Quinoa Vegan Burger


This weekend I was craving meat…

On the sunny walk home through the snow my tummy was rumbling to a higher frequency…one that only a real man-burger could fill.

Or rather, a southwestern kale & quinoa burger. High in protein, great meaty texture and amazing flavour.

Unapologetically messy, satisfying and definitely requiring two hands to eat.

The ‘OMG’ is very necessary in describing this burger… paired with avocado lime sauce it provides an oh-wow moment upon first bite. (more…)

Roasted Garlic Falafel Bites {baked}

008027Day 5 of my snowed-in retreat. Being fun-employed and stuck at home in this January slop has its perks.

…Like watching Ellen in your penguin housecoat

Creating an at home spa; bubble bath and candles included

‘Research’. aka excessive pintrist perusing

And ofcourse endless amount of time messing up the kitchen. Yesterdays exciting project was mastering the Healthy Falafel. Oh yes. and because I had copious amounts of time on my hand I roasted the garlic to put in said falafel bites. Did it make a huge difference in taste? I’m not going to say yes. But do not be shy on the garlic regardless.

These are the perfect little balls of convenient protein, fiber and tastiness. Baked not fried,  the texture is lightly crunchy on the outside and soft and smooth on the inside. The flavour is zesty, garlic-y and lightly seasoned with parsley. If you are a fan of traditional falafel, which usually comes deep fried, tossed in a huge white pita and smothered with some sort of magic mayo sauce…you will chomp these healthy counterparts happily 🙂 (more…)

Spicy Sweet Potato Hash with Spinach and Peppers {vegan}

1374286_10151743838586089_972548781_n[1] 1380387_10151743838281089_1511414822_n[2] 1376363_10151743838656089_756785690_n[1]

Everyone can use another quick meal pour uno in their roster to shovel down in between getting off work and running out the door for evening activities. Why not make the meal delicious, seasonal, and body-glow inducing? Like tap your feat and go MMMMMM satisfying (more…)

Rosemary Dijon Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Apples

IMG_8835IMG_8862There are certain cold October evenings, after all is said and done, that you just need the smell and warmth of a roasted meaty meal coming from the oven.On these certain nights, you might also need to enjoy a glass of cab sauv, followed by chamomillee tea in a blanket with Netflix.

We are upon the precipice of some of the most beautiful days of the year in Ontario. Days sunny and colorful, nights refreshingly chilly enough to break out last years christmas sweater. These are the kind of days you have to stop and smell the flowers for, soak them up with all you have. A perfect way to end off a day of all adventure, or pick you up after a busy day at work, is a roast pork tenderloin with all of the trimmings.  (more…)

Hearty Kale, Quinoa & Chorizo Soup

1378141_10151709057021089_1634837869_n539127_10151709055891089_1394935508_n2 wrongs don’t make a right, but 2 healthy items + 1 gluttonous item fuse to make a soup no one can say no to. And its totally healthy. But healthy in the way that your kale-challenged man friend will eat it

This is the fall day, sunny outside, yet crisp air soup. We ate it on my back patio with some cold beer. Then the next day for lunch with some toasted olive bread. It has a smoky backdrop from the chorizo that is irresistable. Go for it. The ‘oohs and ahhs’ you get with this guy are awesome. (more…)

My Happy Plate..



Roasted Beet, Walnut and Chevre Salad with maple vinaigrette

You know that dish that you get, everytime you see it on the menu, no matter the restaurant?

Back in university days, that dish was probably buffalo wings, heavy on the blue cheese dip…mmm wings.

Now I scope out the scene for roasted beet and walnut salads. They are popping up everywhere.

This plate of green lovin’ is the perfect way for the beet lover to express themselves for a healthy-hearty lunch. Beets and goats cheese are like best friends; always better together.

Although this salad isn’t an ‘on the run’ type of lunch, it is worth the wait for a weekend, or a get together with friends. I also serve it as a side at dinner. You could always roast the beets and toast the walnuts the night before when you have time, allowing for quick preparation the next day.

If you haven’t made this salad before, give it a go and you will never see beets the same again.