Mini Brown Sugar Plum Tarts


OH the lowly plum! Overshadowed by its little sister the grape and its cousin the mighty apple.

The only time I have eaten plums in my life has been in the form of a german plum streusel cake baked by my Oma. And i’m fairly certain I picked out most of the plums. But hey, they are pretty delicious! Buttery and sweet, they pair perfectly with a crispy pastry and brown sugar sweetness.

Visiting with my Oma last week inspired me to create  a treat that would remind us all over her staple plum squares. As her mobility in the kitchen has declined, her craving for old favorites still comes back in waves. It was a pleasure to bring her a taste of her past cooking conquests that had inspired me so much growing up. (more…)

Clean Apple Spice Muffins with Crunchy Oat Topping

new muffin


Gluten free baked goods are a fine art.

I have yet to  master the mysterious witchcraft of combining different flours and oils to create a delicious wheat-free product. After many attempts with coconut flour, and one too many disappointing muffins later I have almost sworn off of experimentation.