vibrant chicpea lime avocado quinoa salad {summer vaycay in a bowl}

q1 q3Remember how good it feels like to eat a fresh summer salad? Me neither…until I made this juicy bowl of vibrance.

Hearty chicpeas and quinoa paired with soft and buttery avocado, salty feta and zesty lime. Toss in some red peppers for the crunch factor and you have a spoon full of perfect. Summertime flavours by the mouthfull. Filling, healthy and happy. (more…)

Easy Breezy Beautiful Tomato Sauce


makes for a satisfying lunch on zucchini noodles

Your familiar with it.

The shame and disappointment as you crank open a jar of grocery store tomato sauce. Yes the label may look fancy, it may be called ‘quattro formaggio and basil’, and it may even be made in Italy. But it STILL tastes like garbage and I challenge to find me one that doesn’t.

Or perhaps you could just make this homemade marinara….bursting with fresh veggies, herbs, simmered to perfection. Sweet, with a bit of a kick, this tomato sauce is your perfect go-to sauce for everything your italiano heart desires.


Bomb Broccoli Apple Curry Soup

much zestier than meets the eye

Some days you eat your proper veggies, get a good amount of lean protein, and keep sugar to a minimum. And then some weekends you go 3 days without having a non-deep-fried vegetable and consider thin crust pizza your healthy meal. 

This weekend was the latter.

When weekends like that come up its best not to regret the beer/cheese gut you have but instead move on to a healthier Monday in hopes of slight redemption.

Thats what soup is for in my books