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Apple Flax Granola Muffins {vegan, GF}

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Cinnamon-kissed, packed with tart apple chunks and crunchy granola- these powerful muffins are a delicious way to fiber up!

I have been treading lightly on the muffin making lately, after producing my fair share of flavoured card board. Although sometimes I think I can just  throw any type of flour plus some dried fruit and call it a muffin masterpiece, the baking gods have other plans in mind 😉

The more creative I get in the kitchen, the more disasters that tend to occur- but this also leads to some pretty awesome ‘AHA’ moments too! Nothing ventured nothing gained right? (more…)

No-Fail Rosemary Garlic Sweet Potato Chips

IMG_9476 IMG_9448IMG_9461HOLY GUAC

Its like the majestic potato chip and the sweet potato fry just had a beautiful offspring.

These  sweet potato chips are a harmonious flavour of sweet, salty, and fresh herb. They are a kettle chip minus the deep fryer and transfats. They are a healthy chip. Praise the heavens. (more…)