A Taste of Southern India- Home for the Holidays


Hello again! My what a wonderful 3 weeks it has been adventuring, tasting, exploring, and drinking up Southern India.

Days were early and long, we jam packed everyday with as much site seeing and cultural exploration as we possibly could. Of course for me the highlight and saving grace of every non-stop day was the delicious meals that we got to experience. I’m talkin 3 times a day curry. After day 1 week of eating heavy restaurant meals I was having anxiety about coming back 10 pounds heavier. But then I had the aha moment to just enjoy my trip without the guilt- there is no way I am portion controlling my naan bread intake when it tastes this good. How often do you get to enjoy the REAL DEAL Indian? (more…)

INDIA BOUND- Chewy Chia Coconut Almond Energy Bars


Chewy, sweet, with hints of coconut, these bars are addictive as they are healthy. Lightly drizzled with dark chocolate and sweetened with dates, they act as a dessert and an energy bar in one wholesome bite.

Everyone needs a good natural energy bar recipe. Whether you plan to be on the plane for 20+ hours or hiking the Bruce Trail with your pooch. There is just way too many unfamiliar ingredients in even the so called ‘nature’ bars. I have been trying and testing out many a granola bar recipe, but what really makes them shine is the gorgeous dates, which provide lots of sweet and chewiness. (more…)