Open Faced B.E.AT. Sandwich with Sriracha Mayo


B.E.A.T sandwich, you know, bacon, egg, avocado, tomato? Its a natural combo.

Because breakfast is the best time to be greasy

And you cant deny your self bacon and eggs when you were up into the wee hours enjoying hard beverages for your best friends birthday (more…)

Crispy Creamy Nutella Truffles: 3 Ways



If the words crispy creamy ever deserved to be in a recipe name, it was now. Why did truffles seem so mysterious and frightening to make before?

These beautiful balls of joy are as simple to make as they are fun- as they are YUM. You’ll feel like a chef at godiva as you roll your little ganache-balls in toasted nuts. Youl feel genious when you bite into them moments later and make a mental note to bring this recipe around christmas time.

Step 1: buy cutesy box and ribbon

Step 2: make truffles

Step 3: give box of truffles to your respective chocoholic boyfriends-mom/aunt/grandma/dog groomer

Step 4: be awesome