Sassy & Spicy {Almost} Raw Pad Thai


I am in Charge of How I Feel Today and I Choose Happiness

One of my favourite mantras! During the tougher times in life it has been my iphone background reminding me to stop dwelling on the negative and force a smile on my face

So yesterday was Blue Monday…the most depressing time of the year? That may be, but there are still a lot of awesome things about January.

  • Like taking your dog out and watching him roll around in the snow and come out with a white nose.
  • Going to the grocery store in a long coat and your fleecy pyjamas underneath
  • Drinking red wine to keep warm while waiting for dinner to be ready. (more…)

Raw Peanut butter Cookie Dough Bites

022013Naturally sweet and chewy, dabbled with chunks of choc chips and kissed with peanut butter… These taste just like the real deal.

I’m a second stomach kinda gal. I may have polished off 3 bowls of chilli for dinner but that does stop the pangs of ‘I WANT CHOCOLATE’ coming from my brain.

Key-word; Brain. The brain tricks us eating into sugar when we are sad, lonely and bored all the time. Admittedly I usually decide its easier to go with the flow and indulge instead of letting it taunt me all night. But post Christmas sugar blitz I have been trying to break the cycle with some faux-sweet treats:

  • I have found the perfect chocolate-mint tea that sometimes satisfies (when paired with 3 squares 90% dark chocolate)
  • Berry smoothies work
  • Bananas dipped in peanut butter (for the peanut butta lova’s)
  • Banana ‘icecream’ (but I may or may not have broke my food processor blending dates)

And then there is these…. cookie dough balls….um yeah. Packed to the brim with energizing and satisfying nuts, sweetened with dates, and flavoured with peanut butter. h e l l y e a h (more…)

Chewy Peanutbutter Chocolate Chunk Cookies (Flourless)

“Can a cookie ever be too chewy?”

That is a question I pose for you today after enjoying the most ooey goeey peanutbutter chocolate chunk cookies. These have so much flavor they should be ILLEGAL, they satisfy every rees cup craving you’ve ever had without being overbearing.

This is a cookie you eat on a sunday night with a litre of milk by your side. They are messy you may need a plate. They do not travel that well because of their gooey nature so best to enjoy them in the comfort of your own home.