Quinoa Pilaf with Mushroom & Kale

033010What’s a pilaf? I don’t know but it sounds pretty cool.

Savory mushrooms, tart kale and nutty quinoa blend together in this pretty bowl of quinoa!

Do you ever get into a rut where you are buying the exact same vegetables every week but preparing them in different ways? That is me with sweet potatoes, peppers and spinach. And I need a change I tell you! These mushrooms snuck up on me in the back of the fridge, reminding me how neglectful I have been.

Portobello mushrooms do good WORK in this pilaf, meaty and savory as they are. (more…)

Irresistably Chewy Protein Cookies {with Everything But The Kitchen Sink}

011023Oats, Quinoa, Peanut butter, Banana, Sunflower Seeds, Dates, Cranberries, Protein Powder, Chocolate Chips and sweetened with maple syrup.

I have an entertaining/dangerous habit of haphazardly throwing everything iv ever enjoyed into a bowl when baking sans recipe. Many a time it results in a creation where the batter tastes amazing but the finished product somewhat…confusing. Regardless, there is something very meditative about baking your own dream creation– especially when it turns out like these guys! I have been craving cookies like nobody’s business lately, but I wanted a variety that rather than making you eat 9 in a row, satisfied your tummy growls for more than a second.

Enter these gluten free, high fiber, protein PACKED monster cookies. They are addictively tasty in the way you love the average peanut butter choco chip. But these will make you feel amazing and keep you high energy between meals. (more…)

Roasted Veggie Holiday Quinoa & Tangy Raspberry Orange Juice



Devilish sugar addicts like myself know how much the holidays can send them into a happy tailspin of binging on chocolate, baked goods and that coveted candy cane ice cream. Not only is our pintrist, holiday magazines and grocery store aisles boasting our favorite holiday treats, but there are parties to attend where the champagne is flowing and no one is judging your third slice of cheesecake. (more…)

vibrant chicpea lime avocado quinoa salad {summer vaycay in a bowl}

q1 q3Remember how good it feels like to eat a fresh summer salad? Me neither…until I made this juicy bowl of vibrance.

Hearty chicpeas and quinoa paired with soft and buttery avocado, salty feta and zesty lime. Toss in some red peppers for the crunch factor and you have a spoon full of perfect. Summertime flavours by the mouthfull. Filling, healthy and happy. (more…)

Roasted Banana Loaf with Quinoa & Dark Chocolate

IMG_9056IMG_9094IMG_9082Warm and aromatic banana loaf lightly sweetened with maple syrup and roasted bananas. The nuttyness from the quinoa pairs perfectly with the roasty banana flavour and intense dark chocolate.

This banana bread tastes like the ultimate decadence, but is lower fat than the usual, and packs a protein punch with greek yogurt and quinoa. You probably wouldn’t think quinoa would improve the texture of your baked good, but in this case its the shining star. Each itty bitty seed provides surprise moisture and tenderness. (more…)

Loaded Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

IMG_8905IMG_8901Quinoa for breakfast is not a new ‘Ah-ha moment’ apparently…  queen Martha’s been doing it for ages. If you are are someone who likes her oatmeal as much as the next girl, but has issues with the sludge/glue/mushy textural aspect of it, you will be enthralled by quinoa in the AM. (more…)