Roasted Broccoli, Sweet Potato & Curry Soup

024021Creamy, tangy, hearty and spicy! All qualities of a spectacular winter soup, no?

This bowl of yum was truly serendipitous; the other day as I was roasting some broccoli and sweet potato heavily seasoned with curry powder and cayenne it just sort of fell into a pot of chicken broth and simmered there a while….

25 minutes later and a blender later, my new favorite soup was born! you could call it a Christmas miracle

Speaking of Christmas miracles… shout out to all my friends in Toronto who have been living without power for 2 days… You don’t realize how much you depend on it until your freezing cold and your turkey is dethawing! My heart hurts thinking all of that wonderful holiday food being tossed out 😦 Hope very much it is back on soon so you can warm your toesie’s up. (more…)

Rosemary Dijon Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Apples

IMG_8835IMG_8862There are certain cold October evenings, after all is said and done, that you just need the smell and warmth of a roasted meaty meal coming from the oven.On these certain nights, you might also need to enjoy a glass of cab sauv, followed by chamomillee tea in a blanket with Netflix.

We are upon the precipice of some of the most beautiful days of the year in Ontario. Days sunny and colorful, nights refreshingly chilly enough to break out last years christmas sweater. These are the kind of days you have to stop and smell the flowers for, soak them up with all you have. A perfect way to end off a day of all adventure, or pick you up after a busy day at work, is a roast pork tenderloin with all of the trimmings.  (more…)

Moroccan-Infused Roast Chicken



What comes to mind? I can’t be the only one who’s first image was of Carrie Bradshaw tromping through the dessert on a camel looking way too good in her thousand dollar headscarf.

This chicken is almost as glamourous…. as far as roast chickens go. I love the no-fuss aspect of roast chicken. Its interesting enough to prepare for a casual get together with friends, yet simple enough to make during a busy work night. If your like me you’ve overdone the typical rosemary garlic chicken and were looking for something zesty to serve up for dinner. This is the perfect weeknight meal ’cause preparation time is less than 10 minutes, followed by a long painful hour of its delicious scents wafting through the kitchen.


Damn Good Spicy Sweet Fries

There is nothing  better than making fries at home.
Because you didn’t deep fry them you automatically pat yourself on the back and consider yourself healthy-chic. ‘Roasted not fried’ is a proud statement you can say as you set these down on the table for dinner. Therefore you can eat unlimited. Plus sweet potatoes are like…super good for you right?