Melon Creamsicle Green Smoothie


Drive-Thru chocolate frosty’s with a long plastic spoon.

Orange creamsicle by the pool on a hot summers day.

–These are the daydreams that come to mind as I enjoy my frosty green smoothie on this lovely morning. Here I sit decked out in flannel from head to toe, wool slippers and a fleece house coat to boot. It may be -15 out yonder, but that doesn’t matter inside my delicious creamsicle smoothie bowl.

Creamy, with the classic flavours of vanilla and citrus, this just might be the perfect twist on your go-to breakfast smoothie. (more…)

Cranberry Christmas Detox Smoothie

cranberry smoothiecran 2

The The day after Christmas…. is a weird one. You are sort of trapped in between moving onto new years excitement and hanging on to that Christmas feeling- all whist struggling with a possible food & wine hangover. (more…)