Roasted Broccoli, Sweet Potato & Curry Soup

024021Creamy, tangy, hearty and spicy! All qualities of a spectacular winter soup, no?

This bowl of yum was truly serendipitous; the other day as I was roasting some broccoli and sweet potato heavily seasoned with curry powder and cayenne it just sort of fell into a pot of chicken broth and simmered there a while….

25 minutes later and a blender later, my new favorite soup was born! you could call it a Christmas miracle

Speaking of Christmas miracles… shout out to all my friends in Toronto who have been living without power for 2 days… You don’t realize how much you depend on it until your freezing cold and your turkey is dethawing! My heart hurts thinking all of that wonderful holiday food being tossed out 😦 Hope very much it is back on soon so you can warm your toesie’s up. (more…)

Spicy Sweet Potato Soup with Chipotle {Gwyneth Paltrow}


Dang Gwyneth girl, you make a good soup!

Described as ‘the perfect soup’ by Ms Paltrow herself, this spicy creamy mouth explosion is likely to be your new fall go-to. Flipping through ‘Its All Good’ cookbook, I was immediately pulled in by my favourite word (chipotle) in one of her ‘Vegan and Elimination Diet friendly’ soup recipes. A lil smoky sweet goes a looong way in my bowl.  (more…)

Hearty Kale, Quinoa & Chorizo Soup

1378141_10151709057021089_1634837869_n539127_10151709055891089_1394935508_n2 wrongs don’t make a right, but 2 healthy items + 1 gluttonous item fuse to make a soup no one can say no to. And its totally healthy. But healthy in the way that your kale-challenged man friend will eat it

This is the fall day, sunny outside, yet crisp air soup. We ate it on my back patio with some cold beer. Then the next day for lunch with some toasted olive bread. It has a smoky backdrop from the chorizo that is irresistable. Go for it. The ‘oohs and ahhs’ you get with this guy are awesome. (more…)

Bomb Broccoli Apple Curry Soup

much zestier than meets the eye

Some days you eat your proper veggies, get a good amount of lean protein, and keep sugar to a minimum. And then some weekends you go 3 days without having a non-deep-fried vegetable and consider thin crust pizza your healthy meal. 

This weekend was the latter.

When weekends like that come up its best not to regret the beer/cheese gut you have but instead move on to a healthier Monday in hopes of slight redemption.

Thats what soup is for in my books