Sassy & Spicy {Almost} Raw Pad Thai


I am in Charge of How I Feel Today and I Choose Happiness

One of my favourite mantras! During the tougher times in life it has been my iphone background reminding me to stop dwelling on the negative and force a smile on my face

So yesterday was Blue Monday…the most depressing time of the year? That may be, but there are still a lot of awesome things about January.

  • Like taking your dog out and watching him roll around in the snow and come out with a white nose.
  • Going to the grocery store in a long coat and your fleecy pyjamas underneath
  • Drinking red wine to keep warm while waiting for dinner to be ready. (more…)

Cola Glazed Salmon with Bok Choi


Iv never met a smoke detector I could get along with.

Granted, they save lives and all of that wonderful stuff… I am grateful for them in that way.                       But nothing kills a shiraz and salmon cooking buzz faster than being interrogated by an ear blasting alarm every time I open my slightly smoky oven.

My bad luck with sensitive smoke detectors has only been accentuated upon relocation to my humble  little apartment in Wollongong, Australia.  It became clear right away that my tiny kitchenette was no match for my spastic cooking, fogging up furiously at the first sign of smoky bacon grease. (more…)

Moroccan-Infused Roast Chicken



What comes to mind? I can’t be the only one who’s first image was of Carrie Bradshaw tromping through the dessert on a camel looking way too good in her thousand dollar headscarf.

This chicken is almost as glamourous…. as far as roast chickens go. I love the no-fuss aspect of roast chicken. Its interesting enough to prepare for a casual get together with friends, yet simple enough to make during a busy work night. If your like me you’ve overdone the typical rosemary garlic chicken and were looking for something zesty to serve up for dinner. This is the perfect weeknight meal ’cause preparation time is less than 10 minutes, followed by a long painful hour of its delicious scents wafting through the kitchen.