Quinoa Pilaf with Mushroom & Kale

033010What’s a pilaf? I don’t know but it sounds pretty cool.

Savory mushrooms, tart kale and nutty quinoa blend together in this pretty bowl of quinoa!

Do you ever get into a rut where you are buying the exact same vegetables every week but preparing them in different ways? That is me with sweet potatoes, peppers and spinach. And I need a change I tell you! These mushrooms snuck up on me in the back of the fridge, reminding me how neglectful I have been.

Portobello mushrooms do good WORK in this pilaf, meaty and savory as they are. (more…)

Superhero Salad: Kale, Pomegranate, Walnut & Wild Rice with Balsamic Dressing


 8 Days into the New Year, some resolutions are tossed to the side and some still going strong. In the last month or so I have gone through a lot of changes personally, and I am taking advantage of the fresh exciting start that 2014 has to offer. With me this always involves a lot of journaling, inspiring-quote reading, O magazine scouring and dream board making…haha…so I have a lot of free time on my hands.

Back to resolutions, I may as well get mine out there to make myself a little more accountable:

  • drink less wine (okay like 1 glass every 2 days is okay)
  • breakup with chocolate (keep him on the side though)
  • eat 80% vegan (besides goat cheese, feta cheese, chocolate and the odd egg)
  • yoga everyday (the relaxing kind not the kind that makes you sweat heaps)

So there ya go. I am keeping all my resolutions, but to a degree that suits me. Im really serious about the yoga thing though…if I do one exercise it should be one that also clears the head and reduces anxiety. (more…)

Skinny Egg Salad Kale Wraps


It doesn’t matter if your work involves chasing children in a day care or sit stationary punching numbers, I can almost guarantee that lunch is one of your favourite times of the day.

The bridge from the first half of the day to the next; a lackluster lunch will almost always set you up for a failure of an afternoon. Have you ever brought a suck-y lunch because you were rushed, and then spent the afternoon dreaming of what concoctions you were about to get into when you arrived home? Or perhaps routed the nearest froyo-hut on your iphone. (more…)